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About Community Catalysts

Community Catalysts is a social enterprise working in partnerships across the UK to try to make sure that people who need support to live their lives can be part of strong, inclusive, communities with real opportunities to connect, create and contribute. We work to ensure people can get the help and care they need in ways, times and places that suit them, with a real choice of attractive local options. We know that one size never fits all so everything we do is bespoke.

We help passionate, local people use their energies and talents to establish enterprises and ventures that deliver sustainable care and health services for other local people, creating jobs and volunteering opportunities. We use our expertise to help communities, organisations, authorities and policy makers to deliver the transformational change in services or systems needed to make this a reality.

Local Area Coordination

Community Catalysts is the home of Local Area Coordination learning and development in England and Wales. Local Area Coordination is a practical, assets-based approach that is being adopted by a growing number of local authorities and health partners. Our Local Area Coordination Network works with new sites to develop Local Area Coordination and supports existing members to tackle common challenges and build on a shared vision, principles and values.

Small Good Stuff

Community Catalysts runs Small Good Stuff, a directory website which links people who need care or support with local people who might help. Small Good Stuff also helps small organisations that offer care or support by providing them with information, publicity and access to a friendly network.

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