RSP Member - No 65 High Street

No 65 High Street is a friendly and informal community venue in Nailsea, North Somerset (about ten miles south west of Bristol). Our town functions as a local centre of health, education, leisure, retail and employment, both for local residents and for villages and rural communities in the area. No 65 is the ‘home’ for a diverse range of groups and organisations and whilst there are organised events and activities here we are, just as importantly, an informal drop-in place led by volunteers.

Our ethos is to support health and wellbeing and help build the resilience of our community.  So No 65 is an idea as well as a place, built on the reality that health and wellbeing is made, not in hospitals or clinics, but through human contact and relationships within communities.

As a trusted ‘place connecting people’ we are a resource for local link workers and village agents supporting people and so an important part of our role is helping people access services and support, not just ‘signposting’ them in the right direction.

We are part of the North Somerset Wellbeing Collective CIC, a wholly inclusive ‘coalition of the willing’ which seeks mutual understanding and consensus from the 3rd Sector, the local authority and the NHS in the provision of services and support for people, based on the core principle of ‘what matters to me’.

Digital technology can offer great benefits, but for those who cannot, for whatever reason, access these benefits, it can be a source of disadvantage and these people feel excluded and left behind. One of the volunteer-led services we offer is helping ‘Techno-Timid’ people use technology in their day to day lives. We find out what each person wants and help them develop the skills and, more importantly, the confidence to use technology to increase their own self-reliance. Linked to this is our ‘switching’ service where we can help people look at their costs for utilities, phone and broadband and identify where they might save or get better value for money.


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