Still no fair share for rural communities

Last week’s Provisional Settlement for 2021/22 for local government once again means rural residents paying more in Council Tax (per head) than their urban counterparts.

The Government’s policies show rural residents in comparison to urban getting less government grant, paying more Council Tax (from lower incomes earned in the rural economy), paying for a bigger share of their services through council tax yet still having less overall spending power and receiving fewer services. This is despite the fact that it costs more to provide services in rural areas.

Graham Biggs, RSN Chief Executive said

“All we are asking for is that rural areas should receive a fair share of the total resources government makes available to fund essential local government services. Once again rural people and rural communities are being penalised by the unfair funding decisions of the Government – no levelling up from this Provisional Settlement”

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The RSN will distribute the report and analysis from its local government financial consultants, Pixel Financial Management) to its SPARSE-Rural members


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