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The Budget 2018 - Response review

There has been much comment on the Chancellor’s Budget in the press.

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) welcomed the introduction of a Structures and Buildings Allowance for non-residential structures as well as an increase in the Annual Investment Allowance, bringing it to £1 million. Minette Batters, NFU president, raised concerns over the 4.9 per cent increase to the national living wage at a time when rural businesses are facing a rising cost base.

Cycling UK said that ‘this Budget fails to provide sufficient funding for rural communities and small towns’. Specifically it criticised plans to spend £28 billion on motorways: ‘Spending money on new motorways does nothing to address the concerns of people who use local roads for everyday travel.’

The CLA said that although the Government is prioritising rural digital connectivity, it has ‘missed an opportunity’ on 4G: ‘However, although this is very welcome cash for rural broadband, the Government has still missed an opportunity to incorporate 4G mobile connectivity into its plans to improve rural economic growth.’

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