Yorkshire Regional Seminar - Change of date

Due to the General Election, the Yorkshire & Humber regional seminar has been postponed from 9th Dec to Wed 15th January at North Yorkshire County Council.  Invitations to follow!

The importance of rural connectivity

Writing in LocalGov.co.uk this week, TrueSpeed Communications CEO Evan Wienburg argues for the importance of robust digital connectivity.

He notes that while ‘we’re living in a golden age for young entrepreneurship’, young talent is being lost to cities and urban areas.

Today’s most successful and fastest growing businesses are often ‘digitally driven’ and therefore require high-speed digital access to thrive, something which is woefully lacking in many parts of rural England.

He notes that the high costs of urban living is driving young people to look elsewhere for living arrangements, but they are put off by the lack of connectivity in rural areas.

Full article:

→ LocalGov.co.uk - Transforming rural economies


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