The Rural Housing Alliance ask the Government to focus on rural housing

The Rural Services Network, along with the Rural Housing Alliance, the National Housing Federation and Acre, have written to Secretary of State Robert Jenrick MP in Rural Housing Week to highlight the needs of rural communities and the valuable role they will play in the country’s future.

Further to the Government’s intention to invest £12 billion in new affordable homes over the next five years, the writers of the letter want to make sure that more affordable rural homes get built in rural areas and in doing so, revitalise rural economies.  The letter highlights that ‘Funding more affordable homes will offer somewhere secure for low income households and essential workers. Rural housing associations stand ready to lend their skills, knowledge and investment to help build these homes.’

The letter goes on to say:

As economic recovery plans take shape, we would ask the Government to help rural housing associations by supporting the following:

  1. Through its agent Homes England, invest grant proportionately in rural housing delivery;
  2. Empower, encourage and aid rural local authorities to invest in enabling rural housing where this does not already happen;
  3. Permit local determination of affordability and tenure;
  4. Safeguard the scarce affordable rural homes that currently exist, specifically by supporting alternative routes into affordable homes ownership and exempting rural homes from the Right to Shared Ownership Policy;
  5. Factor rural proofing within policy making and recovery planning.
  6. Allow funding for social rented housing in all local authority areas, rather than the limited number currently permitted. This will particularly benefit rural areas as lower rents mean additional disposable income for local people to spend in their local communities. Alternatively, allow housing providers to set rents in accordance with local incomes which would greatly improve affordability.
- To read the full text of the letter click here


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