Tories promise 'infrastructure revolution' to boost rural buses

The future of the bus report was produced by the Campaign for Better Transport a few weeks ago.  They welcome the Government announcement today that it intends to deliver on their core recommendations to produce a National Bus Strategy.  

The Campaign for Better Transport are a member of our Rural Services Partnership and have campaigned on this issue for many years.  They have pledged to now focus their attention on the details of this new strategy to be produced by Budget in March, as well as the approach taken to a long-term funding settlement and the scale of Government capital and revenue support for buses.

Detailed by the Express - Sajid Javid has announced an “infrastructure revolution” to build more roads, revive local bus services and build a digital communications network fit for the 21st century.

In his keynote speech to the Tory conference in Manchester, the Chancellor announced  the first 14 new schemes and major improvements for existing routes from a £25billion Government fund for the roads and motorways. He will also promise £5billion for rolling out “full fibre” broadband and the 5G mobile phone network.

In his speech, Mr Javid will say: “The truth is, successive governments failed to invest enough for the long-term. We’ve started to put that right, but we can do more – a lot more. This Government is going to build Britain’s future, and bring in a new infrastructure revolution.  Infrastructure is the foundation of everything - it’s the new road that connects local communities, the bus you need to get to school and the broadband that helps your small business trade around the world. The full benefits of our infrastructure revolution may not be felt for some time. But the work must start here and now.”

Setting out details of the Government’s new national bus strategy, he will announce an expansion low-emission buses and plans for the country’s first ever “all electric bus town”.

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→ The Express - Sajid Javid announces infrastructure revolution to make UK ‘better place to live’


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