UK Shared Prosperity Fund must replace lost EU rural funding

Farming Life has called for urgent progress to be made on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to replace EU funding that will be lost due to Brexit

Programmes like the EU Rural Development Programme (RDP) currently have a huge impact on rural communities, funding the creation of small businesses and the development of vital community hubs, social economies, recreation facilities, village renewal and more. However, this is coming to an end with Brexit looming at the end of this year, leaving many rural groups anxious about the future.

This comes the same week as the EU Council has highlighted the need to ensure better availability and accessibility of public and commercial services, quality jobs and education, digital and physical infrastructures, public transportation, leisure time activities in rural and remote areas.

The report recognises that the EU's population is ageing, particularly in rural and remote areas, and urbanisation is identified as one of the current key drivers for change, with a significant impact on various EU policies. The conclusions invite member states to promote approaches aimed at reducing inequalities between urban and remote / rural areas and to develop cross-sectoral measures which reflect the views and perspective of young people in rural and remote areas.

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