Levelling Up: Missions and Metrics - Analysis of Mission 4

Levelling Up: Missions and Metrics

“The Levelling Up White Paper sets out twelve missions that support key levelling up objectives. These outline the medium-term ambition for the UK Government and act as an anchor for the expectations and plans of the private sector and civil society.”

The Rural Services Network has explored the missions and metrics and as part of their membership offer, has created an analysis for each local authority in SPARSE membership of RSN.  This shows  their position compared to other rural local authorities and the England Average.  This enables the council to see their performance for each of the measures that the Government says it will be focusing on.

Mission 4: By 2030, the UK will have nationwide gigabit-capable broadband and 4G coverage, with 5G coverage for the majority of the population.

Principal objectives:

Boosting productivity, pay, jobs, and living standards by growing the private sector, especially in those places where they are lagging

How does this mission relate to spatial disparities?

High-quality digital infrastructure is essential for positioning the UK to take advantage of technological advances and improve living standards and well-being. This mission is directed at addressing spatial disparities in digital infrastructure provision. Densely populated areas of the UK have world-class infrastructure. But the rate of rollout to more sparsely populated areas has been slower, as the economic incentives for the private sector to provide services to these communities are less clear cut. Achieving this mission would contribute to increased economic growth, innovation and productivity through improved digital connectivity in all places, as well as supporting those that are vulnerable or disadvantaged to access high-quality services.

Metrics considered within the analysis:

  1. Percentage of premises that have Superfast Broadband (30Mbit/s or greater) coverage from fixed broadband
  2. Percentage of premises that have coverage from full fibre or Gigabit capable services from fixed broadband
  3. Percentage of indoor premises that have 4G signal from all operators
You can download your tailored analysis by clicking on your authorities logo below:
Please be aware there is no county level data available for this mission meaning analysis for County Council areas cannot be presented


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